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Wannabe Video Interviews & Press

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Heyman Hustle - "How "Wannabe" Stole The Tribeca Film Festival"

Tribeca interview with writer/director Matthew Manson, co-producer John Ramos, and actors David Bloom & Chaize Macklin.


Movemaker Magazine/NFMLA - "Wannabe Dir. Matthew Manson"

New Filmmakers Los Angeles interview with writer/director Matthew Manson. For Moviemaker Magazine.


The Fan Club - "Matthew Manson Interview"

Red Carpet Interview With Writer / Director Matthew Manson


Interview with MyNewYorkEYE

Wannabe called a "must-see" in this Interview with Writer / Director Matthew Manson and star Chaize Macklin 

David Bloom talks Wannabe

David Bloom has an in-depth conversation about Wannabe with host Michael Clouse at Popcorn Talk

The Young Folks - "Matthew Manson at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival"

Red Carpet Interview with Writer / Director Matthew Manson


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